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  • How Now, Old Brown Milk Bottles

    How Now, Old Brown Milk Bottles

    Just some of the old brown glass milk bottles we have available for sale. Like beer bottles, these bottles were made of brown or amber glass to protect the contents from the deterioration of sunlight. Glass milk bottles are not too common; and these amber ones are even more rare. They have neat old dairy…

  • Vintage Inspiration

    Vintage Inspiration

    I don’t like to throw anything out, if I can help it. I suppose that’s true of most lovers of vintage items and antiques… Many of these “old used things” can go on to live another life — if you can only see what they can be! Sometimes, however, no matter how inspired I am,…

  • Vintage Vanity Glamour

    Vintage Vanity Glamour

    A spectacular vintage gift set of garters, handkerchief, and matching decorated powder puff! As lovely as the day it was once presented in a vintage department store or gift shoppe. Available in our case at Antiques On Broadway.

  • Baby Blue Vintage Princess Phones

    Baby Blue Vintage Princess Phones

    When I was a kid, I used a Bell Telephone key chain just like as a phone for my Barbie dolls. Then at least someone in the house had their own pretty Princess telephone to use! This powder blue plastic vintage advertising piece is on our case at Antiques On Broadway; just $9. And here’s…

  • Too Big For Our…

    Too Big For Our…

    Not our britches. *wink* We’re expanding our space at Antiques On Broadway — while not all filled yet, here’s a snapshot of the larger case!

  • Today In Fargo

    Today In Fargo

    Deanna will be in Antiques On Broadway (Fargo, ND) today, Tuesday, October 16, 2012. Look for her in the afternoon if you want to talk about antiquing and collecting, want to buy or sell, or just want to dare her to help you find something in the store. *wink*

  • More Antiques, Vintage & Retro Items For Sale

    More Antiques, Vintage & Retro Items For Sale

    A few more photos of the antique, vintage, and retro items at our yard sale in Fargo, ND. Come on down, get a Play ‘n Spell — or just play for a spell. *wink*

  • Last Of The Season

    Last Of The Season

    Up here, in the land of frozen tundra aka Fargo, North Dakota, back to school signals the end of the rummage sale season. *heavy sigh* To celebrate, we’re having our last yard sale of 2012 tomorrow (Saturday, September 8). Same place (the north side of Fargo, 14 6th Ave.); same time (starting at 9 a.m.);…

  • More Primitive Antiques

    More Primitive Antiques

    Added a few things to the case at Antiques On Broadway… The wooden mail sorter box from the Fergus Falls, MN, post office ($100). It’s on top of the case, between the box of Easy Rider Magazines and the smaller crate full of assorted vintage magazines. Near it, an antique barrel or keg ($75). We…

  • We Have Your Collectibles On The Lawn

    We Have Your Collectibles On The Lawn

    Today, Saturday, July 28 (2012), we’re having a good old fashioned rummage or yard sale! So stop on buy, err, by 14 6th Ave N in Fargo, ND — in the alley. Open from 9 to 3. Some of the items include two foosball tables — one vintage, one newer model. (We posted them at…

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