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  • Cuckoo For Old Cuckoo Clocks

    Cuckoo For Old Cuckoo Clocks

    Just a darling little vintage (nearly antique; circa 1930s) carved wooden cuckoo clock from Germany (or Austria) — just look at the the clock face framed by a pair of gnomes! Measures 10 inches tall; 9 inches wide (at the widest point of the roof), 5 inches deep. And, as you will see & hear,…

  • Vintage Inspiration

    Vintage Inspiration

    I don’t like to throw anything out, if I can help it. I suppose that’s true of most lovers of vintage items and antiques… Many of these “old used things” can go on to live another life — if you can only see what they can be! Sometimes, however, no matter how inspired I am,…

  • Antique Child’s Chair & Other Goodies

    Antique Child’s Chair & Other Goodies

    More photos of great things we just brought in for sale at Exit 55 Antiques in Fergus Falls, MN, that I just love. The feature of this little set-up is the antique child’s chair. Details on the chair can be found here. Other special pieces include the antique doily holder, a ceramic black poodle bank,…

  • Primitive Chippy Paint Wood Heaven

    Primitive Chippy Paint Wood Heaven

    Sometimes, decorating a booth space at an antique mall is much fun as decorating your house. The only sad thing is seeing how cool the set-up looks and wishing you could take it all back home with you and re-do the house. Unfortunately, hubby won’t let me do that. But if you love chippy-paint antique…

  • Feeling Folksy

    Feeling Folksy

    We’re working at Exit 55 Antiques today. (The store is open until 5pm.) Not only are we looking forward to seeing you, but we’ve brought in more new-to-you-but-old-stuff, like this vintage wooden folk art shadowbox shelf. Don’t you just love the zig-zags?! Handmade, slightly primitive, and just $69. If you can’t come in, call and…

  • Antique Football History Book

    Antique Football History Book

    Can an antique book be called a history book? It can when the book covered 30 years of history before its printing! This lovely hardcover copy of Football at Minnesota: The story of thirty years’ contests on the gridiron (Minnesota Alumni Weekly, November 9, 1914) is in our case at Exit 55 Antiques. It features…

  • Antique Native American Gourd Canteen

    Antique Native American Gourd Canteen

    One of recent auction finds, a beaded Chippewa or Ojibwa gourd canteen from the former museum in Two Harbors, MN. It’s now in our case at Exit 55 Antiques.

  • This Saturday!

    We will be bringing in some new old items to sell at Exit 55 Antiques (Fergus Falls, MN) when we’ll be working at the store this Saturday, October 20, 2012. The store hours are 10 am to 5 pm, and whether you want to buy, sell, talk about antiques and collectibles, or just want to…

  • Just A Sample Of Our Handiwork

    Just A Sample Of Our Handiwork

    One of the things we like best about selling vintage items is finding the right homes for the gems we find. We consider ourselves more like adoption assistants for objects than dealers just trying to make a living, and as such we often find ourselves smiling when we don’t make a sale but make connections…

  • It Takes A Lot Of Hard Work To Make It Look Like Magic

    It Takes A Lot Of Hard Work To Make It Look Like Magic

    If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you know that we’ve expanded our antiques and vintage collectibles business by going from a case at Exit 55 Antiques to a booth. While this image makes it all look like magic, we spent nearly five hours Saturday night moving all the items in, arranging them, and vacuuming…

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