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  • Really Spooky Spirit Bottles!

    Really Spooky Spirit Bottles!

    ‘Tis the season for spirit bottles! Our spirit bottles are made from old glass bottles dug up from the ground. As such, these vintage & antique bottles have imperfections. We’ve added some magic to them, and used them to entrap evil spirits — then sealed them in with wax. Each bottle has its own spirit,…

  • The Typewriter: A Love Story

    The Typewriter: A Love Story

    Joseph and his wife were about to celebrate their first anniversary. Like any good husband, he wanted to give his wife Julie a special gift. In this case, it was a vintage typewriter as the couple had recently attended an event which celebrated the typewriter and Julie became smitten with them. (This is part of…

  • The Whirligig Project

    The Whirligig Project

    Early in May, we sold a bunch (but not all) of our old dairy cream separator funnels or cones in our Etsy shop to a lady in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. The lady was Kat, called “Kat in the Hat” (she’s from Medicine Hat, remember — isn’t that cute?!), and she had a project idea…

  • The Elephant Went — Hurrah! Hurrah!

    The Elephant Went — Hurrah! Hurrah!

    An imperfect vintage circus-themed nursery wall decoration, a Dolly Toy Co. nursery Pin-Up, recently sold in our Etsy shop — and the buyer was cool enough to send us a photo of how it was put to use for her daughter’s birthday party! (We aren’t certain who touched-up the elephant’s foot, but the fancy lettering…

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