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  • Window Of Opportunity

    Window Of Opportunity

    We’ve taken additional space at Antiques On Broadway (Fargo, ND): the big storefront window! Right now we’re showing off some lovely primitive antiques — perfect for the garden, mancave, and your rustic rooms. Taking photos of the outside of such large glass windows is more difficult than I thought! But here’s on scene from the…

  • Retro Turquise Kitchen

    Retro Turquise Kitchen

    Kitchenalia continues to be hot, especially in turquoise or aqua shades. I’m wondering how long this vintage aluminum pot (with lid) by Club will last at Antiques On Broadway… Probably not long at all! Fun and functional! If you can’t get to the Fargo-Moorhead area to buy it, or want additional pieces, check eBay.

  • More At Antiques On Broadway

    More At Antiques On Broadway

    We are continually adding new items to all our locations. Here’s a photo of our updated case and vintage fashion rack at Antiques On Broadway in Fargo. (What you can’t see in this photo is the amazing vintage Pabst vest we’re selling!)

  • Vintage Vanity Glamour

    Vintage Vanity Glamour

    A spectacular vintage gift set of garters, handkerchief, and matching decorated powder puff! As lovely as the day it was once presented in a vintage department store or gift shoppe. Available in our case at Antiques On Broadway.

  • Too Big For Our…

    Too Big For Our…

    Not our britches. *wink* We’re expanding our space at Antiques On Broadway — while not all filled yet, here’s a snapshot of the larger case!

  • Today In Fargo

    Today In Fargo

    Deanna will be in Antiques On Broadway (Fargo, ND) today, Tuesday, October 16, 2012. Look for her in the afternoon if you want to talk about antiquing and collecting, want to buy or sell, or just want to dare her to help you find something in the store. *wink*

  • Preparations For The Downtown Fargo Street Fair

    Preparations For The Downtown Fargo Street Fair

    Our case at Antiques On Broadway is ready for the 2012 Downtown Fargo Street Fair. Note, there are extended hours!

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