Writing, Research, Appraisal Services


We currently offer our quick & affordable appraisal services via Trash Or Treasure events which we post on our blog and social media.  We also will do appraisals by appointment. Note that these services are not the same as appraisals for insurance, contractual, or other official purposes; such appraisal services run $150-$300 per hour, per item. More information on antique & collectible appraisals is here.


Need to know what that object is that you have? Wonder where it’s been? Our obsessive drive for detail is high and our rates are, well, maybe not low… But the fees are definitely fair! If you have questions, contact us about performing some research and getting some answers for you.


Both Deanna Dahlsad and Derek Dahlsad each have decades of professional writing experience, and we’re happy to put our expertise and knowledge to work for you and your publication. Whether you’re looking for a single article written or a regular columnist, contact us about your needs.

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