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Thank you for your purchase from Fair Oaks Antiques!

We know that you view the items purchased from us as precious gems that you are adding to your collection — that’s exactly how we feel when we buy too! So we treat all orders the way we want our own gems to be treated, keeping an eye on cost, but not sacrificing safety in transit. Should something have gone wrong in the shipping process, please contact us a.s.a.p. so that we can assist you as best we can.

Fair Oaks Antiques is run by the husband and wife team of Derek & Deanna Dahlsad. We’ve found unique items for collectors and decorators; provided props and set pieces for film productions; been featured in collector publications; had items from our own collections appear in museums & historical exhibits; presented at conferences; and professionally researched & written about antiques & collectibles, including for regular radio broadcast. If there’s something specific you collect, a piece you are looking for, an object you need to know more about, an article you need written, a quote for your own articles, please let us know. We look forward to meeting again!

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  1. using your advice for cleaning Burlap “feedsacks”. I found some old split-pea & bean bags, I had folded them up & put away many years ago.They were going to be put to utility work at some point. When I found & opened them up again,I realized the Logo design was very special,and should be preserved. Much like produce crate labels,but simpler & plain artwork figures along w/ bold colorful lettering make these worthy of being framed & hung for commercial display.Thanks.

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