Tag: religious

  • Large Antique Painted Plaster Relief Of Mary

    Large Antique Painted Plaster Relief Of Mary

    People have asked about the gorgeous antique plaster relief of Mary we previously showed you, so here’s some more info: It came out of a very old Catholic church. It’s not so much a wall plaque; this old plaster piece was built into the alter or wall of a church — as evidenced by the…

  • Antique French Altar Candelabra

    Antique French Altar Candelabra

    We just brought this Turn of The Century French gilt brass candelabra into Exit 55 Antiques on Sunday. (UPDATE: Now in our booth at F.A.R.M.) This ornate antique candelabra was made for a church altar; the sheaves of wheat & bunches of grapes are symbolic of the blessed bread & wine of the sacrament of…

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