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  • June Is For Brides

    June Is For Brides

    June is for weddings! Here’s a bit of what we have for sale at F.A.R.M.: A vintage boxed set of handkerchiefs – with blue embroidery, so it’s both the “something old” and the “something blue” (and maybe even covers “something new” as it’s new to you!) And a pretty vintage bride doll. She’s made of…

  • Vintage Doll House Furniture

    Vintage Doll House Furniture

    We have a shelf in one of the glass cases at Exit 55 Antiques (Fergus Falls, MN) and recently put in a whole bunch of vintage dollhouse furniture (along with a few dolls, some vintage children’s books, etc.) The furniture was made by Marx, Superior, Multiple Products Company and others. My favorites are the two-piece…

  • Educational Doll Articles

    Educational Doll Articles

    Just finished my doll articles for the Dolls By Diane newsletter. This time, I write about a large doll I literally was shocked to find — Slumped like that on the floor, I thought she was a person at first! She’s an old Martha Chase doll; but to find out more you’ll need to read…

  • April Showers Bring Long May Hours For Antique Dealers!

    April Showers Bring Long May Hours For Antique Dealers!

    It’s only the half-way mark, and yet this month has been exhausting! Last week, we went picking — everyday. It was the annual “garbage week” here in Fargo, and you wouldn’t believe the stuff some people toss out! This is one week that proves one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. (Of course, not all…

  • Halloween & Other Collectibles Articles For October

    Halloween & Other Collectibles Articles For October

    I’ve been busy with articles again this month, including Collecting Halloween: The history of Halloween postcards and costumes at Collector Perspectives. UPDATE: Article is now here. I’ve also written a four-part series on Sewing Pattern History: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four. Meeting in the middle, there’s also a brief note on antique…

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