Hubby has been listing a number of classic film cameras for auction on eBay. (For some of us, it is easier to call film cameras “classics” that to face the hard fact that film cameras are “vintage” or even “relics” — but in this digital age, they are! In fact, even imperfect cameras and lenses have value as parts because there’s no one making them anymore!)

vintage Minolta Maxxum camera lens case

Olympus OM-System 50mm prime lens with hood

There’s more still to be listed, including camera filters and whatnot, so please keep an eye out on our listings! Thanks!

PS We also went to an auction on Saturday and got something spectacular. Not to tease too much, but we will be sharing details soon. Meanwhile, you can see lots of photos of what we spotted (but did not buy) at that auction here. (There are links in that post to lots of other photos too — so click-click!)

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Along with our booth space at Exit 55 Antiques we have a shelf in one of the cases near the wrap desk. For the holiday, we filled it with vintage valentines, antique candy boxes, vintage cameras, and a few other bits and bobs…

vintage cameras and valentines for sale

antique valentines candy boxes fair oaks antiques

Here are two of the antique mechanical valentines in action!

We also have some old valentines for sale in our Etsy shop.

You can look at, and learn more about, these and other antique and vintage Valentines we’ve shared here, here, here, and here.

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