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  • Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Romantic Antiques

    Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Romantic Antiques

    Along with our booth space at Exit 55 Antiques we have a shelf in one of the cases near the wrap desk. For the holiday, we filled it with vintage valentines, antique candy boxes, vintage cameras, and a few other bits and bobs… Here are two of the antique mechanical valentines in action! We also…

  • How Now, Old Brown Milk Bottles

    How Now, Old Brown Milk Bottles

    Just some of the old brown glass milk bottles we have available for sale. Like beer bottles, these bottles were made of brown or amber glass to protect the contents from the deterioration of sunlight. Glass milk bottles are not too common; and these amber ones are even more rare. They have neat old dairy…

  • Window Of Opportunity

    Window Of Opportunity

    We’ve taken additional space at Antiques On Broadway (Fargo, ND): the big storefront window! Right now we’re showing off some lovely primitive antiques — perfect for the garden, mancave, and your rustic rooms. Taking photos of the outside of such large glass windows is more difficult than I thought! But here’s on scene from the…

  • Baby Blue Vintage Princess Phones

    Baby Blue Vintage Princess Phones

    When I was a kid, I used a Bell Telephone key chain just like as a phone for my Barbie dolls. Then at least someone in the house had their own pretty Princess telephone to use! This powder blue plastic vintage advertising piece is on our case at Antiques On Broadway; just $9. And here’s…

  • Vintage Flavoring Bottle

    Vintage Flavoring Bottle

    If you’re a collector of items or advertising from Minnesota companies, check out the vintage glass bottle of Gold Cross liquid “concentrated beverage base” in “imitation strawberry” flavoring currently in our case at Exit 55 Antiques. The syrup was made by Brechet & Richter Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota; here’s the article I wrote about the…

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